Center filter

The unavoidable light fall-off towards the edges of the pictures with the wide-angle is compensated for with specially designed concentric graduated
center filters offered as an accessory.


New: Digital Center filter special for T 617 lenses


Groundglass T617

T 617 groundglass

Perfect image control with the aid at the T 617 groundglass back. Requiring of course the use of a stable tripod.

Technorama 617 Shiftanimation

The T 617 Shift adapter

Linhof starts a new chapter of the Technorama 617 success story. Now intelligent shifting is part of the camera system. Perspective control, architectural and urban photos without converging lines, shifting of the horizontal line off the image center – freedom for the creative photographer!
The Linhof Shift Adapter with wide angle lenses 72, 90 and 110 mm offering an extremely wide shift range of 28 mm (14 mm each up and down). The Shift Adapter can be used with all existing Technorama bodies accepting interchangeable lenses.

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