The new Linhof Shift Adapter with wide angle lenses 72, 90 and 110 mm offering an extremely wide shift range of 28 mm (14 mm each up and down). The Shift Adapter can be used with all existing Technorama bodies accepting
interchangeable lenses.

T 617 Shift Animation

Perfect image control with the aid at the T 617 groundglass back. Requiring of course the use of a stable tripod.
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© Helmut Hirler

Muschalla_BMW world
© Gudrun Muschalla

Linhof Technorama 617s III – The New View of the World

The extreme panoramic format of the Linhof Technorama reflects the sense of space and depth. The camera produces an image that is far beyond normal visualisation. Technorama 617Shooting with the Technorama 617 means: seeing more – showing more.
Impressive panoramic scenes but also creative vertical sights of surprising dimensions. The extreme format with its dramatic 3 : 1 aspect ratio guarantees extremely high rendition which can normally only be achieved with a 5 x 7 in. large format view camera. The Technorama is a hand-held rollfilm camera with a picture format of 6 x 17 cm combining three 6 x 6 images in one shot. This equipment can still be used when big large format view cameras cannot making it the ideal choice whether you are on the highest mountains, the hottest deserts or simply in ordinary urban shooting situations. The Technorama 617s III is a system camera: Presently five interchangeable Schneider lenses with integrated helical focusing mounts are available. From the extreme wide angle 72 mm up to longer focal lengths of 250 mm. The rugged light alloy die-cast body is extremely stable offering optimum film flatness for conventional high resolution rollfilm 120 (4 frames) or rollfilm 220 (8 frames).