Techno long

The 3-track system permits extensions up to 250 mm, a pre­requisite for long focal lenses or for close-up photography.

Techno Outdoor

Outdoor photography in the mountains: High resolution digital back, lens with large image circle plus shift facilities of the Techno for perfect image composition.

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© Kaj Simon
Highlight Tower, Munich
By parallel vertical shifting of the rear standard of the Techno the picture was trouble-free composed by two shots. (Linhof Techno, Schneider Apo-Digitar XL 5,6/43 and PhaseOne P45+.
Techno mit Weitwinkel

Wide angle:
The Linhof Techno in compact position with wide angle bellows, digital back and 23 mm lens.

Linhof Techno

The Linhof Techno is a compact hightech camera offering all practical adjustment facilities for extreme short to longer focal length lenses. As the basic concept is digital high-end outdoor photography the camera was designed to meet all future requirements of coming generations of digital backs.
This new design is based on the needs and experiences of the photographer with special emphasis for landscape and architectural photography:
40 mm of self-aligning vertical shift with exact parallel control. Spirit levels at lens standard and rear standard for precise
vertical orientation. Zero clickstops which can be engaged whenever needed.
A special double folded wide angle bellows for easy adjustments for wide angle lenses starting with 23 mm – 120 mm. The rear standard is compatible with the existing components of the Linhof M 679, such as groundglasses, viewing aids, adapter system and Universal Rapid Change Adapter Slide permitting stitching. Thanks to a large range of adapters th photographer is free to select his favourite digital imaging system. But also analogue photo­graphy using classical film is easily possible by adapters using Linhof Rapid Rollex, Mamiya RB, Horseman roll­film­ backs but also a special version of the Linhof Super Rollex back 6x9.

Lenses: All lenses in mechanical or electronic shutter systems mounted on Technika lens­boards can be used. We recommend the latest digital lens designs from 23 – 210 mm for optimum sharpness without color fringes.