Shift 8 mm
The Pre-Shift

So-called converging lines which happen when shooting from the ground are often unwanted in architectural photography. A firmly built-in pre-shift of the lens of 8 mm helps in many cases to avoid such perspective distortions. This pre-shift will also offer other benefits: The horizontal line is displaced down thus dividing the format ideally; 2/3 sky, 1/3 ground.
When placing the camera upside down the image gains depth in the foreground and the shift works as fall instead of rise.

Technorama 612pc IILinhof Technorama 612pcII

The earth we are living on is seen
in an aspect ratio of 2 : 1. The Cinemascope format of the Linhof Technorama 612 corresponds to this field of vision. The large rollfilm format of 6x12 cm is particularly well suited for
architectural, industrial, landscape, urban and conceptional photography. Supreme picture quality with a hand held camera allowing the photographer to capture life as it happens. The Technorama 612 pc II is a system camera. It offers now 5 interchangeable high performance Schneider lenses starting from extreme wide angle 58 mm to the longer focal length of 180 mm.

Technorama 612 System

The built-in dark slide system allows lens change without the loss of film material. The extremely robust all metal construction of the camera body makes the T 612 pc II the perfect reliable camera for high end photography even in demanding off road situations. The tight tolerance of the film plane for rollfilm 120 for 6 frames or film 220 for 12 exposures ensures the ultimate quality from this format.

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