Older cameras and accessories
You will certainly understand that not all Linhof products depending on their age can still be repaired. The older the camera the more complications have to be anticipated. Generally speaking all cameras older than production year 1959 can no more be repaired lacking spares. The same applies to the models:

The following cameras can still be repaired with certain restrictions:

Linhof M 679cs beim Messen der Planparallelität

Adjustment control of a Linhof M 679cs.

For guaranteeing parallelism of the focal plane the camera is carefully measured in the Linhof test room.

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Master Technika classic
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Master Technika 3000

Technorama 617s III

Technorama 612pc II

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Linhof products are manufactured with utmost care. Hundreds of thousands of Linhof cameras are still in use worldwide even after many years. In case of faulty material the respective parts will either be replaced or repaired. All necessary repair work will be carried out free of charge. We are assuming guarantee for our equipment for the period of one year beginning with the date of purchase. For Linhof Precision Ballheads and Tripods we are assuming guarantee for a period of 5 years for parts subject to wear and tear. (Please provide us with the receipt of purchase)


Service and spare parts service

In case of questions concerning service and ordering spare parts please proceed as follows:

• Please address your repair or parts inquiry to us with a detailed description in writing either by fax, e-mail or mail. Especially with older cameras we require the serial number (engraved in the accessory shoe). As it is difficult to determine the type of older tripods we would like to ask you to enclose a photograph. We shall revert as soon as possible.

• Linhof products have been manufactured since over 125 years. In other words: Repairs are unavoidable. Repairs up to Euro 62,50 are executed without any prior estimate. For all other repairs you will receive an estimate upon request, alternatively you describe a cost limit. For repair estimates refused by the client we have to invoice a service charge of 62,50 EURO (equivalent to half an hour working time) plus postage plus VAT.