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  Linhof Levelling Pan/Tilt Heads
Linhof 3D Micro

003660, 003662

Two levelling segments have been mounted crosswise resulting in two precise segment guides for tilt and
lateral levelling thus avoiding the migration of the image when pivoting. Two rubber-coated turning knobs allow self-aligning micro movements of 12 degrees to both sides as well as front and rear. Above the movement axis an additional panoramic plate has been added to allow accurate panoramic shots. All adjustments can be controlled and repeated with precise scales. The 3D Micro is equipped with the Linhof Quickfix I or with dovetail-track (see left).

Nivellierkopf 003659 LEVELLING HEAD 77-3/8"
Heavy duty head for smooth omnidirectional 15° levelling
and vibration free support of heavier cameras, powerful tele lenses and other optical instruments up to 10 kg. 3/8" tripod thread and camera screw. Height 68 mm, weight 550 g. Base and top plate dia. 77 mm.
Linhof 3D Neiger II

003665, 003666
Linhof has developed a head which now allows a tilt of more than 180° even with heavier cameras. Due to the panoramic top plate above the movement axis individual pictures destined for panoramic photography can be set very accurately. All 3D movements can be con­trolled through three spirit levels. The position of the camera is defined by the base panoramic rotation. The clamping levers can be fixed in any desired position. The Linhof 3D Levelling Head II was conceived and constructed to carry professional cameras with a weight up to 5 kg.
The Levelling Head II is available in two versions: with classic Linhof Quickfix I adapter or dovetail-track which gives the possibility to use quick-change plates from Arca, Novoflex a.s.o.

Nivellierneiger 003667 LEVELLING PAN/TILT HEAD 77
Highly compact and extremely sturdy levelling pan/tilt head with integrated dove-tail quick-lock base permitting direct insertion of Linhof Kardan cameras which slide back and forth to control taking ratio without moving the tripod. For other equipment, a quick-change plate is available. Dual locking struts anchor the camera positively at any angle from 0 to over 90°. Oversized locking elements for lateral levelling (15° to either side) and pan rotation. Base dia. 77 mm, 3/8" tripod thread, height 75 mm, weight 1400 g.
Prifi-Neigekopf 003669 PROFI 3 UNIVERSAL PAN/TILT HEAD
The exclusive heavy duty levelling pan/tilt head for many applications. Ideal for use with cameras or instruments requiring secure orientation about 3 axes. Individual, oversized locks on all movements, conveniently operated by locking spindles or large clamp levers. Linear horizontal levelling motion (10° to either side), over 90° vertical tilt forward, 30° backward, extremely smooth 360° pan
rotation. Self-locking quick-change plate with dual safety catches. Load capacity approximately 12 kg, base dia. 90 mm, quick-change camera plate securely mounts to cameras with the aid of an integrated Allen key.
Height 165 mm, weight 3350 g.
Additional quick-change camera plates (003856) optional.