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Linhof Gravur

Main Lens Characteristics
Focal length, aperture, size of shutter, diameter of filter (screw-in filter or slip-in filter) and image circle.

Lenses for Linhof cameras are produced by
Schneider Kreuznach and Rodenstock.
The professional lenses offers high resolution, brilliant contrast and extreme shift potential.




Lens Selection

As a general rule, three different lenses are considered the minimum in order to exploit the creative possibilities offered by cameras with adjustment facilities. The format diagonal of the picture format corresponds to the normal focal length (see sketch).
For special applications also makro lenses 1 : 4 to 4 : 1, enlarging lenses or repro lenses can be used.
The new generation of digital lenses offer a specially high resolution necessary to produce optimum image information at small chip sizes in digital imaging technique.

Picture Format

The Linhof price and product listing contains the complete range of currently available lenses. For further details you should contact your Linhof experts.