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Conceptional photography

Elaborating a photographic theme in series is often realized using the aesthesis of the Large Format Camera. One of the reasons is the precision of the image connected to the theme selected.

Another aspect is a serial work on high quality level. Even when considering that during recent years scanned large format negatives or slides are more and more digitally processed the fact remains that the large format image is the basis.

Anton Brandl

© Anton Brandl with his series TETHYS

Conceptional photography

Big atmospehre is Brandl's work of the origin and dying of human made landscapes. For his series of images "TETHYS" Brandl uses his Linhof Kardan GT 8 x 10 inch. This extreme format demands the precise selection of the view point. The large groundglass requires a careful composition of the image. Finally, the pictures with their most precise details present more than the human eye can file.