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Price / Product Listing 2015

Linhof 3D Micro mit Linhof Techno

Linhof Techno – the Professional Technical Camera in the digital Workflow

Provides a case study in the Journal of Professional Photographers "Profifoto", experiences and tips in practical application.

> Report "Profifoto"/ german

> Linhof Techno (PDF)
> Linhof Techno

Linhof groundglass

The new Groundglasses for System Linhof M679 und Linhof Techno are extreme fine and allows easier composition and focusing even with short focal lengths.

Cover Linhof Tripods Heads

Linhof 3D Micro
The Linhof 3D Micro is a levelling head developed by Linhof guaranteeing extremely precise camera adjustments.
> Linhof Tripods Heads (PDF)

Linhof Techno

photokina 2014: New and improved Linhof products

Stitching slide for digital backs with live view for Linhof Techno and Linhof M 679cs
Fast wind lever for rear standard at Linhof Techno and for 3D Micro...

> photokina 2014 Press Release (PDF)