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The Linhof Camera Story

Day and night inquiries are reaching Linhof in Munich from all over the world - by mail, fax, phone or Internet: What's the year of production of my camera? What's the difference in my Linhof compared to later models of the same type? The answer you will find in the book
“ The Linhof Camera Story”.

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1887 – 2014: Linhof 127 Years

For over 127 years Linhof have been producing cameras, optics and other high end products which capture the time and moment in sharpness, detail and precision.Leuchtschrift Linhof

Linhof’s cameras and equipment have always been synonymous of high quality photography. In recent decades, radical changes in all fields of photography have taken place. Autofocus, automatic features, miniaturized 35 mm cameras were all achieved, closely followed by digital imaging, networks and new image medias.Portal linhof


ProduktionThousands of photographers, artists, architects, scientists, engineers and printers worldwide are currently using new or previously owned Linhof precision cameras made in Munich / Bavaria.
With Linhof, the traditional fine mechanical precision engineering of Valentin Linhof has fulfilled the requirements for digital and opto- electronic imaging. The M 679 and the Techno versatile modular systems are an example of how Linhof represent the future of applied photography and printing and continue to offer the future of imaging – today.