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M 679cs und Leaf Rückteil

Linhof M 679cs and
digital back

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Linhof M 679cs
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Studio digital

An image is the imagination of the brain. The decision for the right camera is the choice of the photographer. The proof of quality is genuine applied photography – digital.
The M 679cs not only assists in assembling image data but also helps to create your image with your complete photographic know-how. The Linhof M 679cs offers the freedom to use your favourite digital back.
A carefully designed series of adapters permit the use of all commonly available backs.
An extensive range of accessories gives room to follow up creative ideas.
In order to achieve optimum professional quality the photographer can select special digital lenses for small chip sizes with extreme optical resolution thus guaranteeing images without color fringes. In combination with electronic shutters all different controls of chip backs can be used.